December 31, 2017

To understand light and shadow, we first must understand how we, as humans, see the world. Okay, take a minute, look around you right now. Wherever you are, take a look around and ask yourself what you see. I'm not a mind reader, but I'm betting if you are humo...

December 5, 2017

Calvin & Hobbes was a daily comic strip written by Bill Watterson which ran from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995 about a young boy named Calvin with an over-active imagination, and his best friend Hobbes - a toy stuffed Tiger - who Calvin imagines is alive. It w...

October 31, 2017

For my first post, I think I'll briefly touch on what is still a very new experience for me as someone traversing the unforgiving landscape that is entrepreneurship. And by that I mean my first time running a booth at the local Comic Con here in Winnipeg!

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Throwin' Shade: The importance of the dark side.

December 31, 2017

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